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Wing Chun Tao Chi

The essence of over 50 years of martial arts knowledge is conveyed by Si-Jo Haas during his 14-day intensive training sessions. New students learn the system effectively from the beginning. Experienced students can massively increase their skills through this training. In addition to the training, Thailand and its culture can also be experienced very well.

Healthy with Tao Chi

After defeating his own multiple sclerosis disease and regaining his full mobility, Si-Jo Klaus also helped others improve their health.
With resounding success.
Among them also cases of MS, but also Parkinson's disease and autoimmune disorders.
In Thailand, interested parties can expect individual attention.
These workshops can be flexibly adjusted in terms of time.

Chi & Personality

Work with the inner energy Chi, the philosophy of Tao and various forms of meditation are used to treat problems in one's psyche or to achieve a physical change. The teaching content is extremely high and relaxation for body and mind is definitely guaranteed.
Regressions & power animal meditations can also be part of such personal workshops.

Das Team

Our Approach

Si-Jo Klaus draws on over 50 years of martial arts and martial arts experience.

Po-Pou is a specialist in meditation, dealing with spirits and Buddhism.

To-Dai Marc represents both masters in Europe and teaches Wing Chun Tao Chi himself.

We teach honestly and teach individually. The basis for everything is the student himself.

"Mere techniques do not make a fight and certainly not a victory. Everything physically learned must remain applicable in an emergency in order to protect the student in the best possible way. That's why a special kind of practice is necessary."

To-Dai Marc Amborn

"You have to search and find it yourself."


"It doesn't matter how many techniques you have. What matters is the quality"

Si-Jo Klaus Haas

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a trip to Si-Jo Klaus last?

Usually the courses & workshops take place for a period of two weeks. In special cases & health aspects, the time can also be extended.

Are the workshops only for one person?

No. It is possible to attend a course alone, or with a group. 

Does Marc only assist with the planning or does he also accompany the workshops?

Marc accompanies groups when possible and individuals when requested.

Can I take exams at Si-Jo Klaus?

The main focus for Si-Jo Klaus is the optimization of existing skills. Within the framework of personality development, three Tao Chi licenses can be acquired.

What accommodation awaits me?

We cooperate with two hotels. One offers a lot of rest and relaxation. The second allows insights into the classic Thai life.

How can I meet Po-Pou?

The choice is yours: a one-time visit with Si-Jo Klaus. Share your stay, or book directly both weeks with Po-Pou.

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