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Udon Thani | Thailand


For several years, Nobi and his wife Ging have been managing a large farm.
They are self-sufficient and would now like to give
like-minded people the opportunity to take this step.

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Farmland Ging

The Farm

Over 30 Rai (1 Rai = 1600m²)

directly on the new "Silk Road" (Laos - Nong Khai - Bangkok)

Green island surrounded by rice fields

approx. 450 oil palms, 8 ponds with fish stock & various fruit trees

Chickens, pigs, dogs and even monitor lizards, together with a variety of birds, make up the inhabitants of the farm.

Our idea...


The town Udon Thani
Hub for North-East Thailand, in Isaan


With about 250000 inhabitants, Udon Thani stretches as a city in transition. Modern shopping centers, a variety of international restaurants and some clubs and bars. 

Especially in the care of the people, as well as medical care, Udon Thani offers the standard of the Western world.
The city center is about 8 km away from the farm.

Our story
Origins of the farm


Unfortunately, we are childless. So we ourselves do not need the whole farm to provide us completely. Just 10 of the over 30 Rai would be enough for our well-being.

We want to give you the opportunity to fulfill yourself!
Building a small community with like-minded people is our dream.
In our mind, we end up uniting many different professional experiences and trades into one community.

What you can do
Your options


Whether purchase or lease for life of at least 1 Rai, you have the choice. We will help you with all the necessary paperwork and the land registry.

The land prices, as well as the development costs are very favorable here. We will also share these costs in the community.
Choose between self-build or different variations of prefabricated houses to create your optimal domicile.

Moreover, no building permit is required for houses up to two stories.
You can also count on our help with visa and driver's license issues!

...Your opportunities


Inexperienced & Curious
Vacation in the heart of Thailand


Visit Nobi and Ging for a few weeks and support them in their work. Experience Thailand, animals and culture first hand, without making any commitments.

Deepen first experiences


Choose your time of stay & live directly with the two self-caterers on the farm. Move into a small guest house or hotel/resort nearby. Learn the craft of farming and plan your property according to your wishes.

Return to yourself

Spend a longer time on the farm. Get involved and become part of the family. Begin the journey to yourself.

All or nothing
Life in freedom

Free yourself from the things that burden you. Rent or buy your own piece of farm land and live according to your ideas. We will help you!
Lease opportunity for 30 + 30 years.
Option to purchase with Thai spouse.

The team

Meet Our Friends


Pigherd, dog dad, baker & friend


Multi-talented, cheerful, animal lover & pizza ace


second name: Idiot


cheeky, playful and adorable

Find us here

Nong Na Kham
Amphoe Mueang Udon Thani, Udon Thani, Thailand
Our Google-coordinates
17°22’48.6″N 102°53’40.3″E

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