Rediscovering the Way of the Ancient Masters

Ausbildung Wing Chun Tao Chi

Si-Jo Klaus Haas & To-Dai Marc Amborn

The Grand Master and his Deputy

Way of Energy

It is difficult to describe this path with words. Rather, it reveals itself through one's own experience. If, for example, one were to read a book about African sandstorms at the North Pole, one could perhaps understand the content, but not really grasp it. One has no feeling for the situation.
The Tao-Chi contains very old knowledge about nature and energy. Thus, it allows us to behave at the right moment with and not against nature.
The physical basis is Wing Chun (Tao Chi). This ancient martial art serves as an ideal means of expression for understanding the inner principles.
Together with elements from Chi-Gung & Tai Chi Chuan forms, this results in an optimized practical training.

What goes with it

Another component is learning the basis of TCM and the Dim Mak techniques.
Related to this is also the understanding of the 5 elements of the body:
Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal & Water.
Each in the positive, creating cycle and at the same time in the negative, destroying cycle.
In order to appropriately control the development of the various forces in connection with the 5 elements, one learns to transform the energy of Chi in one's own body and to transmit it to the outside.
Thus, an instinctive behavior arises from the subconscious without a thought process about attack or defense.
Tao Chi is not a fighting style in itself and should not be understood as such, but the basis of becoming one with everything in the here and now.
Any martial art, practically speaking, is only a crutch. Later, in free application, a rigid, purely systematic application would rather be a hindrance. Techniques are created anyway only to enable students to better understand.
However, once the principles are internalized, many "techniques" even become unnecessary.
Overall, therefore, Kung Fu as a physical experience acts as a transporter. Together with the inner principles, a comprehensive, personal development results. This also results in invaluable benefits for everyday life and life as a whole. Even physical and psychological ailments can be remedied.
In simple words, Wing Chun or martial arts is the car. However, the driver determines the usefulness of the car.

Furthermore, Tao Chi uses special meditation techniques that were transmitted to us by an 87-year-old abbot of a monastery in Isaan. A German Ajaan passes these techniques on to our students there. They complement the spiritual basis of Tao Chi.
Thus, students are first transported to another spiritual vibrational level. There all energy channels can be opened, which are necessary to understand the physical experience. At the same time, personal blockages can be removed.
The basic principle of all meditation is the emptying of thoughts. However, this is not achieved through any set forms or procedures. Rather by the opposite. Man practically learns to think for himself and not to be thought by others. This is where the greatest misunderstandings often exist in the modern world.
The physical and mental aspects are completed by another elementary philosophy of life. Detached from techniques stands the principle of Wu-Wei. The unintentional acting. Unfortunately, the danger of misunderstanding is also enormously high here. Only correctly understood, the experience in the here and now helps us to break out of all compulsive actions.
In Europe, our system is co-represented by Marc Amborn and is also taught there in blocks by certified instructors during training seminars.
It is also possible for everyone to visit us in Isaan at one of our popular intensive courses and experience this for themselves. 

Chi fühlen

Chi or Qi

The Chinese word Qi is usually translated as life energy. However, its meaning is more comprehensive. Literally translated it means air or gas. Figuratively speaking it means atmosphere or temperament.

Qi or Chi thus describes an invisible energy that surrounds us. This energy that surrounds and penetrates us and all things can be harnessed. Whether the Chi is only to be felt, or one wants to use it purposefully.

As its translation as "life energy" suggests, chi can be used to treat disease-like conditions or symptoms and to improve physical health. Through targeted concentration of chi, low-energy areas can be "replenished".

Besides the health aspect, chi also improves one's own perception and charisma. This leads for example for our students to an enormous improvement in the understanding of the individual elements of Wing Chun Tao Chi. Furthermore, the Chi energy can be integrated into the movements.

The movement of Chi promotes forms,

the movement of forms promotes life.

Is chi collected emerges live,

If Chi is scattered, death occurs.

Chi is one of the three pillars of our unique, holistic concept Wing Chun Tao Chi. three cornerstones of our unique, holistic concept Wing Chun Tao Chi.

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