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Business Mentoring

Was wir tun Die EasyKungFu Grundlagen werden auf deine Anforderungen angepasst.How Do I Know If I Need a Mentor?Als dein Mentor bin ich dein Ansprechpartner. Ich unterstütze dich in allen Angelegenheiten. Wir nutzen zusammen die Vorteile von EasyKungFu in der...

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Tao Chi

Tao-Chi: The rediscovery of the way of the old mastersSi-Jo Klaus Haas & To-Dai Marc AmbornThe Grand Master and his deputyTao-Chi:Way of energy.It is difficult to describe this way with words. Rather, it shows itself through one's own experience....

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What to expect

Our unique concept is built on the three basic pillars: philosophy (Tao) energy (Chi) physical application based on the classical Wing Chun These elements are interdependent and interpenetrate each other. Just as they are the system...

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Wing Chun

Wing Chun is an ancient martial art and was absolutely secret until about 250 years ago. This style was developed to eliminate an opponent as quickly as possible. This regardless of its strength and size. That was...

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Taoist self-protection

Private & Small Groups You will be taught 1:1 Learn quickly & effectively. In face to face lessons you will increase your skills enormously.Trainer Training Become a teacher yourself and teach your own group! Flexible and ongoing training...

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Your path to Thailand

Embark on a journey that will change your life! The essence of over 50 years of martial arts knowledge is taught by Si-Jo Haas during his 14-day intensive training sessions. New students effectively learn the system from the beginning. Experienced students...

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EasyLife in Thailand

  Since a few years Nobi and his wife Ging manage a large farm. They are self-sufficient and would now like to give like-minded people the opportunity to take this step.The farm Over 30 Rai (1 Rai = 1600m²) directly on the new "Silk Road"...

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