What is it?

The martial art Wing Chun

Wing Chun Tao Chi is an old and traditional chinese martial art which was kept secret until about 250 years ago. This style was designed to immobilize an opponent as fast as possible without fearing his strength and size. The same applies for other old traditional martial arts.

As all these traditional martial arts found their way to Europe the intentions were moved from fast immbolization to more sporty competitions. That led to more prestige but also to a crutial new element that distorted the traditional meaning of martial arts: rules. So the art became a sport.

To reinstate the traditonal meaning of martial arts, dealing with an opponent fast, efficient and without rules, Wing Chun today is practiced not as a sport but the true martial art it is and has been for hundreds of years. That’s why there is no real competition in Wing Chun until today.

Wing Chun Tao Chi was designed to use only efficient techniques. Movements are short and executed in a straight line. We do not rely on musclepower but the natural movability of the body.

A combination of weightdistribution and quick movement with a small part of muscle strength is the key to make perfect use of our whole body. Further it’s the kicks that make Wing Chun a unique martial art. Kicks are very basic and focused on targets below the belly. For example knee, thigh and the abdomen.

For a Wing-Chun fighter it has no relevance what style his opponent uses.

The most dangerous opponent is a Streetfighter who has no known style and fights „freestyle“. That’s why a Wing Chun fighter learns to position himself before the opponent in a way that disturbes all possible attacks. You try to get contact as soon as possible.

Once there is contact the fighter makes use of the Chi-Sao-Training. Chi-Sao teaches to feel an opponents strength and his movements and to react compatible. That way one does no longer need to see what happens. By following the Wing Chun principles one can feel the movement and act on his behalf.

  • Free yourself from your own strength.
  • Free yourself from your opponents strength.
  • Use your opponents strength against him.
  • Put in your own strength.

  • If there is a free path, push forward.
  • If there is contact, be sticky.
  • If your opponent is too strong, fall back.
  • If your opponent falls back, follow him.

Another important part of the Wing Chun system are the forms. Forms are used to practice techniques on your own but also help your body regain movability and therefore health increases. Natural movements for joints, muscles and body parts combined with a straight stand build a bridge between body and soul.

Wing Chun is taught over all distances and all kinds of attacks. The main part of practice is designed to deal with typical martial art styles like Boxing, Muay-Thai, Karate, Teakwon-Do and Wrestling. This way the student learns to act and react based on intuition and reflexes without overthinking.

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