GM K. Haas

GM Haas

Si-Jo Klaus Haas is a Wing Chun Tao Chi Kung Fu Grandmaster from Mainz, Germany. He has over 48 years of experience in different martial arts. As headteacher he trains our instructors with his team in a thailand monastery.

GM Si-Jo Klaus ist Begründer des Tao Chi.

1973 im Alter von 14 Jahren begann er sich in verschiedenen Kampfkunstarten zu betätigen. Darunter Karate, Taekwon-Do, Kendo, Iaido, Kenjutsu und Kickboxen. Er erhielt bei einigen sogar eine mehrfache Dan-Graduierung.

After meeting his former Si-Hing K. Dingeldein in the year 1988 he began to practice Wing Tsun and Escrima. K. Dingeldein is founder of the EVTF and still befriended with Sigung Haas until today. founder of the EVTF and still befriended with Si-Jo Haas until today.

1993 Sigung Haas got his Sifu-titel in presence of Dr. Leung Ting.

After he visited Hongkong, GM Haas startet his own studies in martial arts in the year 2000.He even wrote some books about his studies. All copies were soon sold out.

2003 erkrankte er an Multiple Sklerose. Fortan verwandte er all seine Energie dafür, diese Krankheit zu verstehen sowie eine Verbesserung seine Gesundheitszustandes zu erzielen.

Dieser Weg führte 2016 nach Thailand. Dort gründete er das Tao Chi Gesamtheitsprojekt. Vervollständigt im Wing Chun Tao Chi Lebenskonzept.

Dai-Sifu Stöhr

Dai-Sifu Matthias (5.PG)

Founder of ISDO and chief instructor for Wing Chun Tao Chi and Street Defence - DIE Selbstverteidigung.

Sifu Danilo

Sifu Danilo (3.TG)

Chief Instructor for Wing Chun and Street Defence - DIE Selbstverteidigung.

Instructor Marc

Instructor Marc

Engineer & Instructor for Wing Chun Tao Chi and Street Defence - DIE Selbstverteidigung.

Instructor Nico

Instructor Nico

Instructor for Wing Chun, Bären Starke Kinder and Street Defence - DIE Selbstverteidigung.

Instructor Sven

Instructor Sven

Instructor for Wing Chun Tao Chi and Street Defence - DIE Selbstverteidigung.

There is always a familiar atmosphere in the training as well as among the instructors. During the courses, we place great emphasis on the individual achievement of each student's goals and allow the students to actively participate in the lessons.

Questions are explicitly welcome!

Our special concept enables the students to learn from each other! This way, each training session further expands the interpersonal connection. It is this connection that allows students and instructors to meet in private sessions besides normal training.

Of particular value is the intellectual exchange on various topics.

The same applies to our special training courses, whether they are open to associations or internal. Everyone is warmly welcomed!


Instructor Training

Whether as private or small group training, we train you to become an Instructor SD, BSK or Wing Chun Tao Chi!

Dai-Sifu Matthias is the Chief of our organization and therefore also head trainer. Through him the trainer status is awarded.

As an instructor nothing stands in the way of your own schools with our concept!

Dai-Sifu Matthias as well as our top instructors are in close exchange with Si-jo Haas. Thus new impulses of the founder of Wing Chun Tao Chi can be integrated directly into the training. Thus all innovations quickly find their way to our students.

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