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The hollistic Concept

Our unique concept is based an three basic pillars:

  1. Philosophy (Tao)
  2. Energy (Chi)
  3. physical practice through classic Wing Chun

These elements condition and permeate each other. Just as they make the system a holistic concept, you will be taught in our schools or by our trained instructors.

The founder of the system is Si-Jo K. Haas.

GM Haas



The physical basis is the classical Wing Chun system.

The system is learnable by EVERYONE. According to the guidelines and sense of tradition. This means above all EVERY age group.

The physical implementation of the classical Wing Chun techniques and exercises promote and improve the physical constitution. Through the combination with Chi and Tao, Wing Chun Tao Chi allows the maintenance and improvement of internal and external health. It forms the optimal complement to each other. This interaction makes our holistic system an ideal instrument for self-realization.

What to expect

All students are taught and trained using a comprehensive student degree system. With increasing qualification, more and more aspects from the area of Chi and philosophy flow into the training. So there is also a mental education of the students.

Traditionally, there is a corresponding dress code for training in a martial art. The uniform changes according to the different graduations. Thus the respective level of knowledge on which the student moves is represented. New beginners start with black long trousers and white shirt.

Schüler können 12 Schülergrade erreichen. Zusätzlich dazu, steht die Option Instructor zu werden. Das bedeutet, sie beginnen eigenständig Trainings zu leiten und nehmen am Ausbildertraining teil.

Ab Schülergrad 6 wechselt das weiße T-Shirt zu grau.

Das Erreichen des 12. Schülergrades markiert den Aufstieg zum Instructorlevel. Ab hier besteht die Möglichkeit ein schwarzes Instructoren-Shirt mit weißem Logo verliehen zu bekommen. In der Regel erfolgt die Verleihung und damit Auszeichnung zum Instructor durch den Schulleiter bzw. Si-Fu oder Dai-Si-Fu.


After the student degrees follow 4 teacher degrees, the so-called technician degrees (TG). When the 1st TG is reached, the white logo changes to red. In addition, the training starts with the long stick and the wooden dummy.

The graduations following the technician degrees are the practitioner degrees. They confirm that the title holder can put the techniques and principles learned into practice PRACTICALLY without having to think about them further. There are usually between 8 and 10 practitioner degrees.

Within the technician and practitioner degrees there is the possibility to be appointed Si-Fu.

Wird der Si-Fu-Titel verliehen erhält der Geehrte eine Si-Fu-Jacke, die fortan seinen Status im Training anzeigt.

Si-Fu (Sensei; Master) freely translated means fatherly master/teacher.

The following titles are also structured in the same family way of classical Wing Chun.

Dai-Sifu means great fatherly master or teacher.

Si-Gung means grandfather in a similar sense.

Si-Jo means Great-Grandfather of the system.

Philosophy (Tao)


The ultimate and highest reality in Taoism is the Tao, or the (right) way. In a broad sense, the Tao is the mysterious natural order of the universe. Paradoxically, the sages have said most often about the Tao: nothing can be said about the Tao. As it is said in the Tao Te King :

The SENSE that can be pronounced,

is not the eternal SENSE.

The name that can be called,

is not the eternal name.

"Non-being" I call the beginning of heaven and earth,

"To be" is what I call the mother of individuals.

Therefore the direction leads to non-being

to see the wonderful creature,

the direction to being

to see the spatial limitations.

Both are one according to the origin

and only different by name.

In its unity it is called the secret.

The secrets even deeper secret

is the gate through which all wonders emerge.

–Richard Wilhelm, Laotse Tao Te King, S. 41 Nr. 1

It becomes clearer when one considers the seven hermetic laws that form the basis of Tao teaching:

  1. The Principle of Mentalism: The All is mind; The Universe is Mental.


  1. The Principle of Correspondence: As above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without; as without, so within.


  1. The Principle of Vibration: Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates.


  1. The Principle of Polarity: Everything is dual; Everything has poles; Everything has its pair of opposites; Like and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.


  1. The Principle of Rhythm: Everything flows, out and in; Everything has its tides; All things rise and fall; The pendulum swing manifests in everything; The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; Rhythm compensates.


  1. The Principle of Cause & Effect: Every cause has its effect; Every effect has its cause; Everything happens according to law’ Chance is but a name for law not recognized’ There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law.


  1. The Principle of Gender: Gender is in everything; Everything has its masculine and feminine principles; Gender manifests on all planes.

When these laws are understood, the Tao is understood.

The Tao builds one of the three cornerstones of our unique, holistic concept Wing Chun Tao Chi.


The Chinese word Qi is usually translated as life energy. However, its meaning is more comprehensive. Literally translated it means air or gas. Figuratively speaking it means atmosphere or temperament.

Qi or Chi thus describes an invisible energy that surrounds us. This energy that surrounds and penetrates us and all things can be harnessed. Whether the Chi is only to be felt, or one wants to use it purposefully.

As its translation as "life energy" suggests, chi can be used to treat disease-like conditions or symptoms and to improve physical health. Through targeted concentration of chi, low-energy areas can be "replenished".

Besides the health aspect, chi also improves one's own perception and charisma. This leads for example for our students to an enormous improvement in the understanding of the individual elements of Wing Chun Tao Chi. Furthermore, the Chi energy can be integrated into the movements.

The movement of Chi promotes forms,

the movement of forms promotes life.

Is chi collected emerges live,

If Chi is scattered, death occurs.

Chi is one of the three pillars of our unique, holistic concept Wing Chun Tao Chi. three cornerstones of our unique, holistic concept Wing Chun Tao Chi.



Wing Chun Tao Chi is an old and traditional chinese martial art which was kept secret until about 250 years ago. This style was designed to immobilize an opponent as fast as possible without fearing his strength and size. The same applies for other old traditional martial arts.

As all these traditional martial arts found their way to Europe the intentions were moved from fast immbolization to more sporty competitions. That led to more prestige but also to a crutial new element that distorted the traditional meaning of martial arts: rules. So the art became a sport.

To reinstate the traditonal meaning of martial arts, dealing with an opponent fast, efficient and without rules, Wing Chun today is practiced not as a sport but the true martial art it is and has been for hundreds of years. That’s why there is no real competition in Wing Chun until today.

Wing Chun Tao Chi was designed to use only efficient techniques. Movements are short and executed in a straight line. We do not rely on musclepower but the natural movability of the body.

A combination of weightdistribution and quick movement with a small part of muscle strength is the key to make perfect use of our whole body. Further it’s the kicks that make Wing Chun a unique martial art. Kicks are very basic and focused on targets below the belly. For example knee, thigh and the abdomen.

For a Wing-Chun fighter it has no relevance what style his opponent uses.

The most dangerous opponent is a Streetfighter who has no known style and fights „freestyle“. That’s why a Wing Chun fighter learns to position himself before the opponent in a way that disturbes all possible attacks. You try to get contact as soon as possible.

Once there is contact the fighter makes use of the Chi-Sao-Training. Chi-Sao teaches to feel an opponents strength and his movements and to react compatible. That way one does no longer need to see what happens. By following the Wing Chun principles one can feel the movement and act on his behalf.

  • Free yourself from your own strength.
  • Free yourself from your opponents strength.
  • Use your opponents strength against him.
  • Put in your own strength.

  • If there is a free path, push forward.
  • If there is contact, be sticky.
  • If your opponent is too strong, fall back.
  • If your opponent falls back, follow him.

Another important part of the Wing Chun system are the forms. Forms are used to practice techniques on your own but also help your body regain movability and therefore health increases. Natural movements for joints, muscles and body parts combined with a straight stand build a bridge between body and soul.

Wing Chun is taught over all distances and all kinds of attacks. The main part of practice is designed to deal with typical martial art styles like Boxing, Muay-Thai, Karate, Teakwon-Do and Wrestling. This way the student learns to act and react based on intuition and reflexes without overthinking.

Tao Chi

Tao-Chi: the rediscovery of the old masters way

Tao-Chi translated means „the way of energy“. Describing by words is difficult because it’s about personal experence rather than learning a technique.

One can compare it to the following situation: imagine reading a book about african sandstorms while you are at the northpole. You can learn about the situation but you can’t feel it.

Tao-Chi is a very old knowledge which allows you to work with nature rather than against it.

In the beginning it’s crucial to find a basis by using a special Chi-Gung system. It’s said to be the same that Bodhidharma taught his shaolin students and that it’s the source of all Kung Fu styles. Similar to that it’s still taught in the monestary of Wu-Dang since generations.

Another basic element is learning the Tao Chi meditation and Dim Mak techniques. After learning the basics one can start to understand the 5 elements of our body.

Earth, fire, wood, metal and water. These elements are working together in a positive (life generating) and in a negativ (destroying) way.

This is very good illustrated by our logo.

A good picture of that cycle is the so called plum blossom of Wing Chun. It contains all 6 principles of strength as well.

Learning the different kinds of strength and combining them with the 5 elements requieres an understanding of how to transform the inner energy (Chi) inside the body and direct in to the outside. As a result one creates an instinctiv behavior without having thoughts taking the lead in stressfull situations.

How to personally use this kind of method is a main part of training for our instructors.

Higher level training contains the 108 wooden dummy form. CAUTION this form isn’t identical with GM Yip Man‘s 116 techniques but it gives you the information you need to understand GM Yip Man in a better way.

A martial art contains numerous techniques that are meant to make learning the system easier. The more one learns and understands the principles the more techniques become unnecessary. That’s how a truly free, applicable martial art is created.

So the whole Tao Chi system isn’t a pure fighting style it’s about becoming one with all that is.

Martial arts in general are meant to be a medium for expressing oneself. In the essence the art lies in the personal development and how to use this in everyday life. Not only can one life a better, happier life, he can also heal himself (psychologically and physically).

So Wing Chun is the physical experience. It is only the car and not the driver.

A 87 year old budhist monch taught our GM K. Haas special meditation techniques from decades ago. These are now very important tools for our system and our training.

These techniques form the spiritual basis of Tao Chi. Without them it would be incomplete. The student needs to reach another level of spiritual evolvement before he can overcome blockades in his mind. He also gets to a new level of experence himself entirely.

What helps to reach those higher levels is the art of doing nothing. Espacially while meditation doing nothing is crucial.

Sadly the western world misinterpreted „empty your mind“ by using all kinds of different methods that are to stop all thaughts. That way one is influenced by that techniques and can’t discover himself. Because of that it’s important to let your thaughts be thaughts. There is no need to close them out.

Another wrong translation is the core of buddhism. The western world thinks it’s a religion and one hast to suffer on his way to enlightment. Buddhism rather is an ideology and no one has to suffer.

Buddhism makes you free from wrong religious beliefs and motivates to take action on your own.

In Europe our system is taught by the International Street Defence Organisation and the EVTF.

It is also possible for everyone to visit us in the Isan during one of our popular intensive courses and make this experience for themselves.

Get more information: info(ät)

Tao Chi Health Concept

In asia it’s common knowledge that the physical body, emotions and the spiritual mind are meant to be in a harmonic balance. That’s the only way to reach a whole and healthy state of mind and body.

The Tao Chi health concept  is to reinstate one or more unbalanced levels of spiritual or physical health. We use a meditation technique that’s based on special movements. Even if you are already diagnosed with a disease that no classic medical system can cure there is the possability that we can help you to help yourself.

Experences show that we have biggest success on autoimmune diseases.

But be careful: the most important part in the whole process is the personal willpower to overcome a disease and how strong it already has become. Nothing is impossible!


You have a Rendezvous with yourself, we will be your guide on the way!

Working, family time and social life often create more or less daily stress. One learns to function but can’t realy enjoy life. We start asking ourselfs questions like: why is life so hard? So stressful? Is this fullfillment? There are answers to these kind of questions and we have found them. Not in your daily routine but here.

Welcome to the land of buddha! A spiritual journey to yourself awaits you. Through meditation and taoistic methods you come to get answers to your questions in the north of Thailand in an old buddhistic monestary. Your experences will lead you to a positiv development for yourself. Our system is inspired by Theravada and taoistic techniques and will open new spiritual paths for you. You are taught old, traditional wisdoms by experenced instructors. Changing your point of view will give you new perspectives and will change your quality of life.

New ways of concentration and meditation await you!

You will learn how to block negative thoughts and create positive ones.

You will learn how to collect positiv energy and how to make use of it.

You will learn how to change the negative into positive.

We will guide you on your journey!

Traditionally meditation was used to clear the mind. Unpleasend thoughts will be set free and there will be more room for positive thoughts to be created. We will help you learn this kind of meditation and how to make use of it.

Once the meditation is mastered it’s time to start acting. You will learn how to open up the chakra points and how to flood your system with energy.

Your feeling will get better und you come to a higher understanding of your own mind. As soon as you set yourself free you can meet your true self.

Living peacefully and at ease with oneself like the old teachings say. This is the place to relax mind and body. Even a long way starts with the first step. Start now and enjoy your newly won spiritual freedom!

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